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Jason Hinchey Silk was born in rural Ireland in 1976.

Jason Hinchey was born in rural Ireland in 1976. He lived in a tranquil farming community until he was ten years old. Although he was not in an urban setting he was touched by Irelands vibrant music scene which ranged from traditional Irish folk to scathing punk and pounding rock, but Jason's fondest memory is of his mother’s then favourite singer, Don Williams whose music was full of joy and heartache delivered in his memorable voice still conjures up images of a happy childhood with his mother and sister Rona in Ballincalloo co limerick.

In 1986 Jason and his mother moved to Coventry and he was engulfed by that city's diverse culture and its strange new sounds and tastes. It would be impossible to overestimate the impact that living cheek by jowl with south Asians & West Indians would have on Jason's life and the extent to which his horizons were broadened. He became a devotee of Balti dishes, samosas, sheesh kebab, jerk chicken, patties, raga music, reggae dancehall hip hop and R&B.

During his formative years in Coventry Jason's experience of music broadened and then narrowed in focus dramatically. When he first heard daddy Freddie on record breakers he was turned on to reggae music, toasting and led him to explore the various Jamaican musical styles. He was also moved to explore other black music styles such as blues, gospel, some Motown and lovers rock.

And then Jason encountered Christy Moore and he related immediately to the style and content of his music which touched upon their common Irish sensibility emotional and political aspirations. However at this point Moore was not a constant in Jason's life. Living most of the time in Coventry he was mostly immersed in the local scene which in the 90's was vibrant & exciting. During his frequent returns to Ireland though Christy Moore loomed large because his records were played absolutely everywhere.

In 2004 back in England, Jason's hedonistic life style caught up with him and brought him to his knees, and it was during this time of crisis and emotional devastation that Moore's music shone like a beacon, encouraging, supporting and urging him on until he regained a degree of serenity and equilibrium but now needing an outlet for his anguish and hope which he began to seek and discover in performance.

As a child Jason would sing at every opportunity, especially at family gatherings. As a teenager this continued and extended to closing time performances at pubs.

In his twenties Jason finally started to learn the guitar and picked up the basics quickly, and while continuing to progress technically began to actively seek opportunities to perform in public. He would play at open-mic events at folk clubs all around Dorset and even travelled as far as Coventry to play on several occasions.

As time passed Jason's bookings multiplied and he was has played at an impressive list of venues that includes the royal opera house Covent Garden, Bournemouth pavilion and in old Coventry cathedral. In addition he has supported Damien Dempsey and Alex Roberts who is a technically brilliant folk and blues exponent. In recent years, as he has matured, Jason's musical taste and repertoire has broadened to encompass not just folk music but also blues, country, ska, pop, rock and above all reggae.

Live Music Venues

A few of the live music venues that I have gigged at over the years.

Spyglass & Kettle


Edmondsham Folk in The Hut

Chaplin's & The Cellar Bar

Bournemouth Folk Club

Wonky Donk Festival

Mashup Mayhem at the Branksome Railway Hotel

Gaunts House Summer Gathering

Wimborne Minster Folk Festival

Cricketers Folk Festival

The Litten Tree

The Fiveways Folk Club

Purbeck Valley Folk Festival - Dorset

Green Fair

The London Irish Centre - London

Bromyard Folk Festival - Worcester

Swanage Folk Festival - Swanage

Milford Folk Club

Southdowns Folk Festival – West Sussex

Thomas Tripp - Christchurch

Bradford on Avon Folk Club - Wiltshire

Uckfield Folk & Blues - East Sussex

Bedworth Folk Festival - Warwickshire

Bampton Charter Fair - Devon

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    I am located in the Bournemouth area.

    Dorset, UK
    Mobile: 07711 821479
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Dorset, UK
Mobile: 07711 821479
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jason Hinchey Silk was born in rural Ireland in 1976. He lived in a tranquil farming community until he was ten years old...